LETTER: Why didn't principal get more recognition?


There is something wrong

with the photo published on Page 7 of the Advocate's Dec. 25 edition.

The Aurora schools superintendent and Board of Education president stole center stage and seemingly credit for Harmon School's recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School. Shouldn't Principal Mark Abramovich have been in the middle of the picture receiving the plaque?

After all, he must have done something no other Aurora school principal did to receive this honor. Shame on the superintendent and Board president for not showing graciousness and professionalism by taking Mr. Abramovich from the end of the line and putting him front and center.

I know no one in the Aurora schools. It just seems like it would have been the right thing to do. We should all congratulate Mr. Abramovich for bringing this -positive recognition to our community.

Mary Ann Doerzbacher, Aurora

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