Along the Way: Looking ahead to Portage County elections in 2014


Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is here, so it must be time to talk about next year’s Portage County elections.
So far, the field is very slow to shape up. Only a handful of people have taken out nominating petitions from the Portage County Board of Elections. County elections officials agree the number of petitions being taken is surprisingly lighter than usual.
Usually by now, potential candidates are circulating petitions to take advantage of holiday gatherings to get as many signatures as possible before the Feb. 6 deadline and before the weather turns bad.
We will have two county common pleas judgeships on the ballot as the terms of John A. Enlow and Thomas J. Carnes are up.
Magistrate Robert Berger has announced he’s running for Carnes’ seat as probate and juvenile court judge. At least two other attorneys have taken out petitions for a common pleas judgeship but have not formally declared their candidacy.
Republican Janet Esposito has taken out petitions to run for another four-year term as county auditor. Her current term expires March 8, 2015, but the office appears on the November 2014 ballot.
Republican Tommie Jo Marsilio’s seat on the board of commissioners is up. She has yet to take out petitions, but has said she plans to seek a second term. Democratic county treasurer Vicki Kline has taken petitions to run against Marsilio, as has Democrat Angelo Battaglia. The two faced off four years ago with Marsilio pulling out the victory.
And Dr. Roger Marcial recently announced his retirement as county coroner at the end of this year, throwing open the race for that post two years early. Marcial’s term doesn’t end until Jan. 6, 2017, so the Democrats will name a replacement in January who will serve until a successor is chosen in the November election to serve out the last two years of the term.
But there is still plenty of time for candidates to file petitions before we know what the primary election line up will be.


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