Creators of yummy desserts



Four of the contestants in Aurora Library’s recent Design a Dessert program are shown here. From left are Cecilia Pisano,Sarah Cochran, Chase Godale and Jasmine Rodriquez. Katie Cochran, who missed the event because of illness but had prepared chocolate banana cake, won a prize for the best-tasting dessert. Pisano’s chocolate crunch bars were named the most kid-friendly recipe and Rodriquez’s no-bake birthday cake decorated with fondant butterflies earned the best presentation award. Sarah Cochran’s cardboard cake, so named for its melted chocolate topping, was voted most creative use of ingredients, while Godale won a prize for her mini-poster illustrating the recipe directions for her hot chocolate pudding pie. Contestants made their desserts using three main ingredients, illustrated their recipe directions on mini-posters and described the steps involved in making their desserts. They also voted for their favorite desserts in various categories, and family members who attended the program enjoyed tasting all the creations.

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