Focus on Our Youth: Austin Edward Angell


Full name: Austin Edward Angell.

Parents names: Michele and Brian Angell.

School and grade: Sixth-grader at Harmon School.

Jobs or chores you do: Help mom and make my bed.

Activities and hobbies: Baseball and basketball.

Career aspirations: Baseball player.

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers.
Favorite singers or groups: None.

Favorite television show: Watching football.

Good movie you’ve seen recently or your all-time favorite: “Planes.”
What’s your all-time favorite book or story? “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

What are your favorite things about your school? Change of periods.

What improvements would you like to see at school? None.

Who, other than your parents, do you look up to most? My grandparents.

What would you change about yourself and why? Nothing.

Do you collect anything? Cards — football, baseball and basketball.

Do you have any pets? Yes one dog.
What was your best vacation? A cruise to the Bahamas.

If you become a parent, what advice will you give your children? Never give up.

What famous person would you like to meet most? Tom Brady.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.

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